Our Sportcenter is located on the area of the riot police in Rosenheimer Straße 130. For safety reasons the police has special rules for entering.

All persons, who are no policemen, must apply for the permission to enter in a special way. This is aimed even to children, parents who accompany their children and persons who train on trial.

The procedure is:

  1. Please fill in the form “Einverständnis- und Verpflichtungserklärung für Besucher”, print it, sign it and send the scan to our office (verwaltung(at)psvmuenchen.de). You can also fill it in our office. With this declaration you give your permission to the police for a personal check (criminal acts, terror-ism etc.).
  2. The form will be sent from our office to the police, where the check will be done. When because of the result a person is not allowed to enter the area, she gets a message from the police. When there is no claim, the police doesn’t send a message, not even to our office, too.
    The check needs about 12 to 14 days. So please have a bit patience.
  3. In the meantime our office sends the tester a yellow trial card respectively to new members a members license. With this document and an identity card the person goes to the police guard at Rosenheimer Straße 130. There will be made a photo and the person gets a white plastic card with a bar-code and a number. This card is from now the permit for Entering the area and it must be shown each time when passing the guard.
    The photo is only for identification by entering. The security guard can see at his screen that you are the owner of the codecard.

An important addition for BADMINTON trial:
For a badminton trial the tester must come to our office and pay the assurance fee of 2,75 €. Without that assurance he is not allowed to take part at the training. By this opportunity he can on location fill in his declaration for the personal check (see above) and he gets the trial card.

For all other sports the assurance fee can be paid at the trainer, too.